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AstroLive is real time video calling astrology app providing live counselling and guidance 24x7.

The app is focused on promoting happiness, well being and healthy lifestyle among the individuals of the world. A team of experts i.

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A holistic ecosystem if you are looking for marriage, career, children, parent, love, relationship, money and health advice based on both traditional and modern principles of astrology. Why AstroLive? Get your updated rashiphal, daily 2.

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Vastu: Moving into your dream home? Get best vastu advices from our vastu gurus for more positivity in your life 3. Numerology: Consult our numerologists and get valuable predictions for your life 5.

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Get predictions about your love interest and relationship 6. Prashna Astrology: Not sure about your correct date and time of birth?

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No worries, get answers to all your questions with prashna astrology 8. Tarot Reading: Get predictions from your tarot reading and know about the mysteries future holds for you 9. Natal chart: Get your natal chart created and analyzed by the best astrologers in class and make room for more positivity in your life Dear ASTRO LIVE users, if you have any feedback and suggestions please kindly send them to astrosupport rockstand.

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Like the best time to ask for a raise or change jobs. Or, the best time to ask someone an important question? It' true. Now, you can find out fast, anytime, with live astrology chat. Astrology is one of the oldest forms of divination known to humanity.

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Some date astrology back as far as 4, years ago in ancient Babylon. All astrologers provide readings online, live, via easy to use text chat.

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We also NOW offer a number of astrologers you can contact by phone! It has never been easier to chat with live astrologers online.

Chat for 3 minutes free with each astrologer until you find the best match for you!